You probably already know who I am, but if you don’t, I’m Erica! I have been growing food and flowers in my Welsh garden and Allotments since moving to the Welsh Valleys a few years ago. In the search of a quieter and more sustainable family life we ended up living in a small village not far from Swansea. With two children, an old property in need of modernisation, and an untended victorian Cottage garden (with a small woodland) I am far from living the quiet life, however, the idea was nice while it lasted. With more than 15 years of gardening experience it is my dream to turn my gardens into the cottage gardens they once would have been and to create a safe haven for as much wildlife as possible. My main passion is vegetable gardening and this is where my expertise lay, my Allotment and Woodland veg patch are100 percent peat and pesticide free and aiming to eventually be fully no-dig. I have a passion for organic gardening, and seed saving. When I am not busy with all of the above I work in a Library, my favourite books are garden related novels, and non fiction vegetable growing books.