Broad Beans | How & When To Plant In Your Allotment Garden

Planting Broad Beans, an exciting part in the growing calendar, whether it’s late Autumn or early Winter you really get a sense of being ahead of the game. Enjoy this feeling because it won’t last long. For me, planting these Beans has come a little later than I had planned, from rain storms to frozen ground, I have all the excuses going! Sown on October 19th last year, these Aquadulce are strong little soldiers and have stood tall on my patio table, quietly waiting for this day. Honestly, the poor plants had a mass of roots coming out of every hole in the pot and I am surprised they didn’t march themselves into the ground!

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One week after planting the Broad Beans out into their raised bed they are looking healthy and strong. With minimal slug damage too!

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